4LinkedHearts: Empowering Women One T-shirt at a Time



While growing up in San Diego, cousins Jazmin, Javon, Ranada and Rashala always knew that their relationship had something special. So special, that over the years, friends and family would comment on how much they admired their loving and supportive relationship and wanted to be apart of whatever it was that kept their sisterhood in tact.


For these young woman aside from being related, a large part of that “something special” is what they describe as having a hard core love and respect for one another. This authentically developed into an unbreakable bond which seems to have set a positive example for those around them, which is something that’s rarely shown on television and in mainstream media.


“Our relationship as women is totally opposite of what you see on Reality T.V.,” says Jazmin.  “We have respect for ourselves and a mutual respect among each other. We don’t experience the competition that most women experience with each other. We don’t date each other’s exes. There are just rules that we have with each other and we’ve always respected those boundaries. Also, we have an open line of communication. If we sense that there’s an issue or that one of us needs clarification, we don’t hesitate to talk about it because we want to maintain our genuine love for each other.”


Take that pure, honest love and respect for one another, mix it up with business and you get 4 LinkedHearts, an apparel business co-founded in 2015 run by the set of sisters Jazmin Steele and Javon Mitchell and Ranada Howell and Rashala Powell.  All of whom agree that since their personal relationship has been solid basically from birth, that going into business together was just a natural expansion of who they are.


4Linked Hearts, a T- shirt apparel company and jewelry line was created to link women together through real life stories while promoting positive relationships.  Ranada says,

“With false Reality T.V. being at an all time high with all of the cattiness and competitiveness, we felt that it’s about time that something positive is spread out into the universe. Basically, it all boils down to linking and empowering each other.”


With that in mind, they decided to take their reality and spread it around to other women, hence, 4LinkedHearts. In fact, the women created a logo for the business resembling a tattoo that they all share which is representative of their own four linked hearts.


When we asked the cousins what was their inspiration behind going into the apparel business FierceRashala, says, “We thought about some of the things that women have in common?  What is it that they like to do?  We came up with shopping and decided to create positive and catchy messages on tee’s that would strike up a conversation. Like, what does your shirt say? Awe, that’s cute. Also, you can wear a T- shirt out in the open and it can be styled with pretty much anything.”


Javon added in, “For me, going into the apparel business is a smart move, tee’s are simple, chic, cute and a good idea for woman in business.”


Rashala who has a background in styling,  contributes to the company in sharing different ways to style the tee’s in the Look Book section on the website.


As for deciding on which hashtags and catchy phrases to use, the team has brainstorming meetings to decide which sayings represent women as a whole and which graphic aesthetically looks appealing on a tee.



Co-founder Javon Mitchell modeling Pretty Not Petty T.

Recently the company held a 7-day campaign  celebrating the relaunch of their one year anniversary where they invited their followers to come together and empower each other by taking a photo  with their hand over their mouth, pledging not to let anything petty come out of their mouth.  The #PrettyNotPetty challenge was promoted to encourage women to embrace their inner beauty by being “pretty” in their thoughts, words and actions. To date that particular tee, has been the most popular and the biggest seller.


Beyond T shirts, the company is working on building their brand to include more products including coffee mugs, sweatshirts, wine glasses and more resources to assist with empowering women. Collectively, the  Mompreneurs have 7 children – 5 girls and two boys.  In making a conscious decision to go into business together and for keeping the well being of women in mind, we congratulate 4LinkedHearts on setting a positive example for their children and empowering women.


Be sure to catch 4LinkedHearts modeling their apparel at TWYNOT, Beauty presents fashion show in San Diego on August 6, 2016.

For more information on 4LinkedHearts visit their website.

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