According to a report on, New Orleans mayors have typically come from families with political pedigree. They have well established ties to the

Representative Maxine Waters poised and confidently reclaims her time on the cover the the latest Essence Magazine. In the issue she explains, “One of the

VI LYLES HAS been elected as Charlotte’s next mayor, beating GOP candidate Kenny Smith and becoming the sixth consecutive Democrat to hold the

Two marches aimed at highlighting racial injustices — particularly those facing women of color — will converge Saturday on the National Mall, as reported

Is the 45th President of these United States purposely presenting two distinct personalities to mislead, confuse, and antagonize as well to ignite his base? Trump

August 28th is not just another day. At least not for black America. It's a day to honor, remember and to reflect on the significant historical

As Trump reverses himself on Afghanistan and the USA sends more troops to this financially and ethically decrepit “hole”, the true facts of the

[caption id="attachment_23782" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Source: AP[/caption] I am a strong advocate of the concept of free speech.  However, allowing Nazis and neo-Nazis the freedom spew

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