Photo credit:  Rose Davis, Indian Voices (San Diego, CA) Thousands of party activists came geared up for the annual California Democratic Party convention held February

  "I’m only Seventeen, wait two of us are just Fifteen." By: Philip W Liburd (San Diego, CA) At the February 17th 2018, general membership and guests

    The National Portrait Gallery today unveiled its official portrait of  our 44th President Barack Obama, alongside that of former First Lady Michelle Obama. Gazing at

For some strange reason, I struggled to get out of bed and go to the Women's March on Saturday, for various reasons. I don't know, I

The University of California San Diego today announced that Rep. John Lewis, often called “one of the most courageous persons the civil rights movement

      (Los Angeles, CA ) On Monday, January 15, the 33rd annual Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles, at one of the largest MLK day

London Breed, Interim Mayor of San Francisco San Franciso Mayor Ed Lee passed away this morning after suffering an apparent heart attack while grocery shopping

The NAACP announced today that prominent labor union organizer and leader William Lucy will be honored with the prestigious NAACP prominent labor union Chairman’s

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